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Your ELHT Trust has chosen Concession Medical as a preferred provider for the following medical items and pharmaceuticals:

  • For members under age 65, they will waive the dispensing fee difference to honour the 1005 ELHT benefits coverage limits.
  • For members over age 65, once the $100 annual deductible under the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) has been satisfied, they will waive the $6.11 ODB co-pay.
Medical Items
  • Hearing care
  • Custom-made knee braces to a maximum of $950 per knee every two (2) years based on the first paid claim
  • Compression stockings to a maximum of $90 per pair of stockings (3 pairs per calendar year)
Concession Medical can be contacted at:

Location: 444 Concession Street, Unit 101, Hamilton, ON, L9A 1C2
Telephone: 1-844-832-9102 Ext 122

Concession Medical Hearing

Telephone: 905-393-5553